Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There is something, yeah

Greetings, hei beautifull
Let me start my day with joy,
so will you stand there a while
yes, beside that trees
i know yer not a mannequin,
And i dont have reason to tell you that,
but just stay still,
pretend im not here,
so i can naturally seeing you
and thankfully to be awake this morning,

greetings hei gorgeous,
how are you today?
thats a classic line to start,
i know,
but hey, even the latest greeting sentences
wont guarantee you'll talk to me,
And i'll say it again again and again
With all language i'd know
Indonesian, english, java and France,
So you wont get bore,
And if i lucky, i'll be able to talk to you
Even it just babbling about weather,
hell the weather, the thing i want to ask was
Do you want to take a walk with me?

Greetings hei the well-created one,
How much for that smile again?
I would kill to see it once more
Not really, just kidding...
But i would buy you an ice cream
Even Magnum if that the one you wanted
Which is cost me 10.000 rupiah
And leave me with the cheap ice cream one

Greetings hei the one that keeps bothering me,
I know its not yer fault,
But can you stay out my mind?
I know it sounds ridiculous,
But i dare to hide your pencil,
Or disturbing you with annoying message
And then blame someone else
So we have something to discuss,
But yes, I'll ask apologies to the one i blamed on,
And when the right time comes, i'll tell you ;)

I'll do anything, to sat beside you,
talk about trivial things
puzzle you'd like to solve
which is I just understand a little

talk about the history of our country
which is i prefer spend with nap
The joke you'd like to hear
which is i already hear them a lot
Listen to your story
Which is i prefer to see your excitement,
rather than the story itself

I'll do anything, to be with you,
Its not a lie, mostly, its an adaptation
i can bear with them

Due to the sounds of your chattering
the way you move your hand when you imitate the ship
the way you look and blink and look again
the laugh you have,
The giggle that keeps me awake at night,
(like the giggle Kuntilanak have)

there is something about it,
that makes me smile,
and there i know,
you are the very one i wanted.

Sorry for bad grammar, namanya juga manusia, ihik ihik


bakkanekko said...

uuffffff.. gak nyangka bru tinggal bbrapa hri lagsung update bnyak, beda bgt kea dulu lol~ itu apaaaann yg di coretttt wkwkwkwkw, kocak~ puisi keren, as always :DD

Itulah saya said...

kamsia ya zaaaaad!

Anonymous said...

kit bikin sendiri ya ?
kereeeeen (y)

Itulah saya said...

Yoy, sendiri, hahah
makasih Anonim,

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