Thursday, November 17, 2016

On behalf of the Assholes

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Some people, whose less capable of doing anything more than marching, desperately trying to preserve their way of life on 4th november. The problem is, this "some people" consist more than hundred thousands of people. Which is makes it kinda big deal and shed an ilussion of truth. One intersting definition of a cult is, a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. Which is suprisingly fit this situation. 

For some reason, a high profile governor candidate was tongue-slipped because his daring personality. Before you can say hocus pocus, a league of narrow minded people was offended. Like victorian revolution, flyers was distributed. Many people agreed that this infidel, need to be punish. And how humble they are, just to file a lawsuit on him in rather than public beheading. 

A simple apology was not enough. 

Clearly, this became an opportunity for some figure in political domain. Second and most important, this is a perfect sample of ad hominem argument. 

It is chaotic, albeit the mass was titled peace marching. Many people became confused, felt the need to place themself on certain side. Involved person is currently under arrest for unsophisticated mistake. Most mass participant, is now probably, believe that they have this unearned power over rules, that most likely can be applied again in near future depending on how court result turn out soon.

On surface, their focal point is to sustain sacred value of Quran, for a stain in the name of God means their cage being rattled. It is understandable, yet being done in corny expression. One person that I used to admire, write an article about right of marching, that we are more civilized than ever and right to express opinion is now more accessible. Yet, he lay aside later impact that follows: 1. Encourage "faith before law" perspective and 2. warming same hate engines. Which is not worthy enough if you asked me. 

Faith before law or hjacked democracy, was an subtle arsenal that runs the engine of 65 genocide. Likewise on 98, and numbers of minor event that follows. I do not need to explain more. 

On race hate, try to look on personal reaction. My friend is a Tionghoan, she was angry and scared, fortunately not to the level of being militant. But still, everything in big scale such as this mass, always able to shake your view about something, be it temproary or permanent. 

Tionghoan were reside around for about 500 years, make profit from their diplomatic skill with colonist (Onghokham; 1991). Yet, their success was seen as threat that still burning through for generation, like a jelousy of older brother. Little we know, Chinese people has its share of suffering history. On old west (circa 1860), they were used as labour with minimum wage. Many died as slave, they were inferior race. Yet, our (most natives) insecure thoughts saw them as marginal race that acceptable to be called cina rather than our shared brother.

I do not give a fuck of how opportunist they might be, I condem situation where people hate others because they cannot accomplish similar achievement.

Kyai Hj. Abdularham Wahid, the 4th Presiden of Indonesia, write a book about God, that Its power does not need to be defended. God itself is supreme entity by essence. To defend God, is now depend on how crucial the opposite threat is, which is simply hegemony discourse where we actually never lost our individual position. Later on 1993, A novel was written by Danarto with title Asmaraloka, consist of same theme. But unfortunatelly, book was not enough. Apparently, blood or a martyr must be sacrificed while we deny to see true problem, that this is not that crucial. 

How is this not crucial? Back to my early statement, this is mere ad hominem case. We simply overlook many religious-mocking related cases that being done by several figure. Especially inside Islam community itself, for example

In comparation with brexit or USA election, this probably seen as ridiculous spectacle. But the motive is just the same, people are hard to share and tolerate. Today awarness probably raised, less people give a damn about impractical form of protest. But history proved that existence of assholes is being needed, as a reminder that human always in catharsis. 
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