Saturday, October 8, 2016


Kamu tau nggak gimana caranya marah dengan cantik?

" ... Further - though this may contradict what I say above - strong and interesting architectural criticism is defined by the way you talk about architecture, not the buildings you choose to talk about. 

In other words, fine: you can talk about Fumihiko Maki instead of, say, Half-Life, or Doom, or super-garages, but if you start citing Le Corbusier, or arguing about whether something is truly “parametric,” then you shouldn’t be surprised if anyone who’s not a grad student, studying with one of your friends at Columbia, puts the article down, gets in a car - and drives to the mall, riding that knotwork of self-intersecting crosstown flyovers and neo-Roman car parks that most architecture critics are too busy to consider analyzing. ..."

Geoff Manaugh itu salah satu gerilayawan kritik arsitektur gacoan saya. Bukan jebolan sekolah arsitek, justru membuat tulisannya punya perspektif yang menarik tentang arsitektur. Bahkan, kadang lebih berbobot dan menyentuh beragam disiplin. Satu dasawarsa silam, ternyata dia juga bisa kesal dengan sifat elitis arsitektur (yang kadang memang keparat pangkat dua). Sekarang, dia menulis suka-suka. Alhamdulilah.

Enaknya jadi gerilyawan kritik arsitektur: selalu bebas dari ancaman jadi tapol dan peluru senapan.

"... 1) Architectural criticism means writing about architecture, not writing about buildings.
Incredibly, in the midst of the talk last night, one of the panelists mentioned Archigram – almost wistfully – commenting that, despite a lack of built projects, Archigram still managed to dynamize and re-inspire the architectural scene of its era. This was done through ridiculous ideas, cheap graphics, a sense of humor, and enthusiasm. But, wait, what was –? Oh, that panelist must have forgotten, because he immediatetly went back to discussing buildings: not ideas, not enthusiasm, not architecture.
Architecture is not limited to buildings!  

Temporary Air Force bases, oil derricks, secret prisons, multi-story car parks, J.G. Ballard novels, Robocop, installation art, China MiĆ©ville, Department of Energy waste entombment sites in the mountains of southwest Nevada, Roden Crater, abandoned subway stations, Manhattan valve chambers, helicopter refueling platforms on artificial islands in the South China Sea, emergency space shuttle landing strips, particle accelerators, lunar bases, Antarctic research stations, Cape Canaveral, day-care centers on the fringes of Poughkeepsie, King of Prussia shopping malls, chippies, Fat Burger stands, Ghostbusters, mega-slums, Taco Bell, Salt Lake City multiplexes, Osakan monorail hubs, weather-research masts on the banks of the Yukon, Hadrian’s Wall, Die Hard, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Akira, Franz Kafka, Gormenghast, San Diego’s exurban archipelago of bad rancho housing, Denver sprawl, James Bond films, even, yes, Home Depot – not every one of those is a building, but they are all related to architecture. ..."


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