Friday, June 16, 2017


A french artist tried to hatch group of egg by sitting on them for 21-26 days.
It is reported that he only goes 30 minutes a day for meals or lavatory needs.
He had prepared his condition by living inside a rock for a week before.

My face when I reconsider my act.

Before saying something ludicrous, I read that his primary goal is to take experience of being a chicken.
Another interpretation, said Tokyo Museum curator, are to experiencing mineral time. Which, I supposed (because it proves hard to find mineral time's definition), is to get transcended in chemical transformation of eggs-to-chicken.

The artist said that to understand an object, you need to be inside one.
He had done living under the rock, under a sewer, inside a giant bottle, and such.
As far as I could grasp, he was struggling to understand a chicken.

Kant once said that man cannot understand being-in-itself. That we still, -and probably will always be, incapable to comprehend an object's noumenon. This argument, if posit true, already cancel out possibility to reach mentioned aim. But phenomenologically saying, ya, you could understand chicken's partial experience by trying to understand what chicken has gone through in hatching rites. Yet chicken doesn't have a culture but relies only on unconscious instinct, so it also failed to be considered sole experience on account in absence of rites. One cannot understand a chicken as conscious being, nor as chicken itself.

Pragmatically, I remember reading a book called 3 menit belajar pengetahuan umum (great book). One story explained that human cannot, or nearly impossible to hatch an egg due to this condition: 1. differences in natural bodily heat, 2. regular instinctive rotation of an egg.

As I grew, the term nearly impossible for human, has became as an alias for naturally useless. Apart from its possibility, hatching an egg is not a human nature. I believe he's not the first person to do it, but he's the first to do it publicly. Even if the prior result being succeed, it doesn't encourage human development. That's why no historical record of, -for example "egg-hatcher human settles world peace". It simply, to prove otherwise, that manually hatching egg would required tremendous effort which doesn't worth to be talked about.

I think that's one issue of (most) contemporary art. An obnoxious celebration of meaning-digging from scraps with blunt-intellectual shovel.

But this never stop people to do otherwise. Born-wise are never human nature anyhow. Most wise people doomed to be a matyrdom, while some fed up and choose to masturbate in public.

Praise you. O Diogenes, for blessing my rod. 

Even Edison had done the same when he was a kid. Hatching eggs, not masturbating in public.

On better note, some guy, living inside a cave to understand how total darkness influence human bodily clock. This extensive experiment were recorded and continued to be cited by current sleep scientist. This guy was not a contemporary artist. His description of time experience were mesmerizing, without any attempt of artistic effort.

I believe that when you are surrounded by night—the cave was completely dark, with just a light bulb—your memory does not capture the time. You forget. After one or two days, you don’t remember what you have done a day or two before. The only things that change are when you wake up and when you go to bed. Besides that, it’s entirely black. It’s like one long day.

Michel Siffre, 1962. French are weird as fuck.

Michel Siffre has found that on total darkness, our bodily clock became desynchronized. He falls into 48 hour cycle, sometimes with continuous 36 hour of wakefulness plus 12 hour of sleep. His days varied from 18 to 52 hours. Even thought this condition might be related to psychological state due to isolation and not yet empirical, this could be hint to answer the mistery of sleep we've all wonder until now. Moreover, it's quite an interesting topic in regards to darkness and spatial experience. Apparently, hatching eggs are more thought-provoking.

To compare -back to egg-man, This staggering feats to claim contemplation of being a human has gone astray. While spaceX tries to create free source of energy, a guy laid an egg seems absurd. However, not all of us can be scientist and some of us choose to, in extreme, testing the limit of human absurdism.

Great news is, the chicken hatched safely. 9 of them. The artist are publicly vowed to not let them end up in dinner plate. 

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