Sunday, June 28, 2015


Like The Smiths sang (or plead)

so please, please, please
let me, let me, let me
let me, get what i want this time

Dear God, 
for it's Ramadhan, and they said you are closer by now,
listen well, 

These guys been caring my boneless back ever since. There's couple more to be thanked, but this two are the most persistent lad i've ever met (moreover one of them turned 21 today, the other come soon. So its one of those deadline pray). Apart from their cancer-candy share, food treats, slippage motivation, silent pray, and jaw breaking jokes, both still managed to knock on my door from time to time, relentlessly until its opened. Instead of punching my ungrateful face (thanks to their lack of dramatic flare), they would exhale and gesturally said;

'glad to see you not yet dead'

(For that, from the land of the dead, I salute you. I am truly grateful.)
(For whatsoever path to be taken onward, I bid you both good-luck.)

Let us feast before we walk
For tomorrow never been known
Born again and raise once more
For the road to pandemonium beckoning

So God, with your all-seeing-eyes, you know exactly what I asked.
1. Bestow these guys with a girlfriend (and grant patience to whoever willing to be)
2. Bless, guard, and strengthen their will.
3. Package deal (peace, happiness, and long & prosper life)
4. You know the essential, love them dearly.

And you guys who read, please kindly say amen. Thank you.
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