Monday, September 12, 2016


I love ant-man movie. It's nerdy but clever yet funny. But now I hate ants.

The very same ant that helped Ant-man to destroy his nemesis building, -Nylanderia Fulva, recently had cost me dearly. But now i wonder if i mistook it for its distribution far from Indonesia. Nevertheless, i now hate ants. Be it common ant, let's just continue the story as it is.
This species destroyed my adapter, twice in a week. How? Their modus operandi, is to find nesting point without actually build one (rotten wood, electronic appliances, bed), in any cavity that, -ant-wise speaking, sufficiently sized for whole colony.

And I thought I was the laziest crafter in here.

The ridiculous things tho, like in Ant-man movie, as this ants nesting in electronic appliances, they got electrocuted one by one. The dead ones then releasing threat-hormones that called out same species to repeat the cycle, -This unfortunate loop, is the one that dangerous to us. Until it built up into a bodies of corpses and finally create short circuit which kills the poor machine.

"Help me! -lol, jk. U dead"
"We might as well take down the machine with us"

As in the week: I bought secondhand laptop that running smoothly for few months until one day it refused to boot up and having no signs of life. Not knowing what happened, in utter panic I ran to computer services that morning whose owner was about to go on holiday with his family. We found out that the adaptor was dead, so I bought what was left in his belonging, it was inaventable I think. Counting 6 year, it's a miracle that the adaptor still functioning. I happily return to my place, not knowing the danger that lurks beneath my desk where I usually placed my adaptor. 

The next day I woke up with same laptop condition, -dead as diCaprio on Titanic. At this point I knew that nothing was wrong with my PC unit, so I checked the adaptor to see if the owner had gave me a bad one.

And so it was. These little hobo swarming inside and outside my adapter like it was public square of ant-town. I can imagine prophet-like ant lead the masses to promises land to die together. Lo and behold! great warm machine for our children.

Short story, I opened my old adaptor and found them nesting there. It almost like purgatory, -for the bodies of ants, that reddish stuff, swarming everywhere like holocaust victim (pardon my ignorance). I tried to clean it and put on power but it ended up in vain. I figures the new one had met the same miserable fate. The ant probably used same path to follow and cycled upon the same stupidity as its short-lived predecessor.

They nesting in big masses, electrocuted, live on their brothers corpses, short-circuited, and once again in glorious win, broke my adaptor, now in the matter of day.


On the other side it took me to remark my point of view about human and ant.
At the beginning of our race we filled mother-earth's cave to reproduce at triumphant rate for few thousands of year. We came out as we kept dying by winter or eaten by big cats, so we decided to make our own cave with many, -I mean, lots of approaches that most of the time made us forgot what we actually build in any architectural works ever existed: A-costumized-cavity.

We too, repeatly die at massive number as it no longer suitable lifestyle for us, just to signify something goes wrong in large scale. We "moved on", adapt, and collectively re-suicides in particular time intervals. Ants had nothing to name it for. We called it tragedy, or to sound academic, a dialectical progress.

To think that we are better race than ant just because we now have iPhone 7, is a banal thought. Hell, ant doesnt requires particular ideologies to live and meaning to build, they just did and its been well up to this point. Most people, even provided with these historical knowledge that cost a live(s), leads no better life than ants, for they strive and mocks others from their own species, just because a matter of culture.

Or worse, soccer team.

Fuck it, I probably too upset for I now only have noodles for the rest of the month.

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